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TITLE : Echoes Of The Future

Mission 12 in zais walkthrough series everything i wish i knew before i started no mans sky next beginners guide tips and tricks duration 2313echoes of the future is the third zeratul mission zeratul travels to aiur to try to make some sense of the prophecy by peering into the mind of the now dead overmindprevious a sinister turn next in utter darkness echoes of the future conflict interbellum date 2504 place former overminds nest site aiur result zeratul obtains a vision of a potential apocalyptic future campaign wings of liberty combatants zeratuls warband feral zerg commanders dark prelatedarkcasey echoes of the future is another superb album from proto u if you enjoy the more sci fispace ambient variety of soundscape that it contains you really should buy a copy when you cancomplete the echoes of the future mission with zeratul killing 50 zerg units on normal difficulty

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